The New World Economic Order

Dr. Elliot O. Douglin

We go about our ordinary duties day by day as ordinary citizens, oblivious to changes occurring behind the scenes of overt human activity. Our daily routine does not suggest that there will be any radical change to our accustomed way of life, at least for the foreseeable future.

But, unbeknownst to the teeming millions of humans on our planet there are already well-advanced plans for a new geopolitical system called the New World Economic Order.

As a reader of this book, you may or may not have heard of words like globalists, transnationalists, or geopolitea. These words describe the concept of a global government which will replace the present national system. The present world is a world of many nations, each with its own national system of administrative, executive and judicial authorities. But the proposed new geopolitical system will transcend and unify the present national systems which we all know so well.

This book presents and in-depth analysis of the key issues involved in the establishment of the new world system which will be implememnted in the near future, whose ground work has already been laid.

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