The Third Angel's Message for Young People


The Word of God contains all that we need to know in preparation for the work of God, meet the difficulties of everyday life, face the devil, his evil angels, evil men and meet our God at His second coming. For this quarter we shall be focusing on some prophecies in the book of Revelation, the message of Righteousness by Faith, and its relevance to us as a people. As young people you can have a part in the final proclamation of the Gospel. But that can only happen if you make a choice now to know Christ as your personal Saviour from sin and with a renewed determination, study His word, His ways, His government and His character. You have examples in the Bible like Daniel and his three friends, Joseph, Samuel, Timothy. These were taught the word of God from their childhood; and as youths studied the word of God and their lives were blessed. You can have the same spirit and experience as they had and reach the same level of attainment. This is no time for excuses. Difficult tasks are to be undertaken and you will reap the rewards. The purpose this quarterly is to bring the student’s mind in contact with the direct word of God, the actual Scriptures and the writings of Ellen G. White, instead of man’s thoughts. These lessons are set out to encourage you to read, analyse, research, share and meditate, on the thoughts and messages received from day to day. It will demand discipline every day, for at least forty-five minutes, if you will ascend to the heights of understanding and knowledge. The Spirit of God is available to you.